First order: $140
Reorders: $100
(after discount, not including shipping)

Cards & stickers: 6 quantity per SKU
Everything else: 3 quantity per SKU



Products must remain in their original packaging until sold so Band of Weirdos can be identified in the wild (backer cards, hangtags, etc).

Retailers must maintain keystone pricing or above (except for the odd clearance or holiday sale).

If selling online, credit must be given to Band of Weirdos in the product description.

Retailers may not sell Band of Weirdos items on any 3rd party sales platforms such as etsy, ebay, amazon, etc.

Re-purposing Band of Weirdos items on non-Band of Weirdos products for resale is not permitted. 

All designs and images are copyright  © Band of Weirdos LLC (unless otherwise stated). All rights reserved. 

 Thanks so much for understanding!